Mood Board

One of the first pieces of this project was to put together a mood board of images, typeography, texture, and colors that caught my eye and reminded me of the poem. 

Developing the Style

I began by hand drawing multiple options for each spread and then selected the piece I thought best represented the text. Next was taking that drawing into Illustrator, tracing and refining the drawing. After all the drawings were ready I began playing with color and layout.

Bringing it all together

After all the drawings were completed I began laying out how they would be arranged with the text. I decided to bring the feeling of the Raven to life by extending the designs outside of their pages and boundaries. This way you are brought into the story.

Software & Technique

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Amazon Self Publishing

Grid Systems




White Space

Rule of Thirds

Itteration Design

Print Preparation

E-book Publishing

The Raven

The final product is available for purchase on Amazon.