The Project:

Create 2 design options for a health and wellness company that features both the product and highlights its benefits.

The Requirements:

Both designs should include all items in the wireframe with the freedom to arrange sections as needed.

Header & Menu area with introduction section – must have some sort of visual interest and a call to action

Section showing the 4 product categories with CTA to each page

Highlight area for specific products with CTA to that products category

Informative section about the benefits of using the products with CTA to learn more

Blog section showing the latest 3-4 entries

Social media feed or section showing recent customer reviews and images

Call to action with form sign-up to blog subscription and standard footer

Design #1:

Newphoria “White”

What sets it apart:

  • Light & Bright
  • Angular lines that draw the eye down and around the page
  • 4 main solid colors
  • use of Navy instead of black creates a calmer feel

*Click the Logo in the mock-up below to re-watch the entry animation.

Design #2:

Newphoria “Organic”

What sets it apart:

  • Hand-drawn illustrations and bright colors
  • Opening motion immediately draws you in to the product categories
  • Use of colorful imagery that aligns with each product category

*Click the Logo in the mock-up below to re-watch the entry animation.

Software & Technique

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Rush Premier


Interaction Design

Adobe Photoshop





Product Design